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- Heel
A global presence in natural medicine

Heel. What began as a visionary idea has turned into a global pharmaceutical company which is active in 50 countries worldwide. We develop, manufacture and distribute natural medicines which have multi-target properties.

Driven by our pioneering approach and by a passion for what we do, Heel is now one of the world’s leading natural medicine companies. Because of its safe and effective medicines, we have become a reliable partner for patients, clinicians, pharmacists and medical-scientific experts around the world. Heel’s sustained international growth is a result of our long-term strategy of commitment and dependability.

Our global outreach is made possible through the collaboration with strong local partners: Almost all of our products are manufactured at Heel in Baden-Baden, Germany, and distributed by a network of regional subsidiaries and distribution partners. They ensure that around the world, patients can be treated with Heel medicines which have been ‘made in Germany’.

The guaranteed high quality of Heel natural medicines is another reason why patients and doctors put their trust in us. From the natural raw material to the finished medicine which leaves our plants: Stringent pharmaceutical guidelines according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) ensure that Heel natural medicines are of the highest quality.

They guarantee the highest quality

In an ever more interconnected world, reliable quality has become an issue of paramount importance.
They operate according to stringent pharmaceutical guidelines, e.g. on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). From harvesting the plants to packaging the finished medications, every step is meticulously controlled. This helps guarantee the highest quality assurance for every preparation –

whether it is used in New York, Johannesburg, Bogotá or Kiev.

Pioneering. Researching. Forward thinking.

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